Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Taylor Swift Addresses Joe Jonas Romance Rumors

Taylor Swift is doing her best to avoid the subject of whether or not she's dating Jonas Brother Joe Jonas. Rumors have been flying for months, but the most anyone's been able to get out of her camp is the standard comment that the two teens are "just friends."

Swift told us she intends to remain tight-lipped about the relationship, all but confirming the young romance. "I just think that there have been a lot of cases where people have had something good and once everybody knows about it just... I think that also focus should be on music, and it always has been for me, and lately I get a lot of questions about my personal life and it's just like I have an album coming out that I'm so excited about and my music is my personal life. I talk about everything in my music that I don't feel like I necessarily have to... If I was in a relationship I would never want to pimp it out (laughter)."

Swift added that keeping quiet is something she learned from watching Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman's romance unfold. "I realize that people are gonna talk about my personal life and that's part of what I do, but I really, really look up to Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman because they didn't confirm that they were dating until they were married and that way the focus stayed on Keith Urban's music and the focus stayed on Nicole Kidman's movies and I think that that's a really cool thing that they did."

Swift's new album, Fearless, is due out on November 11th.

Her debut single, "Love Story," is quickly climbing the country charts.

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